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“This is Suzy Parish’s debut novel and she nailed it. The opening grabbed me and propelled me into the story. Her descriptions of Afghanistan made me feel I was there, even to feeling the sand in my shoes. 🙂 Great dialogue between the characters cemented the sense of being a part of their lives.
Mac and Sophie have a lot to work through, and Parrish does a great job of getting them there without being clichéd. The relationship between the men working in Afghanistan enhanced the story and Mac’s growing love for Bashir, a young Afghan boy, touched my heart. If you enjoy a story of second chances and redemption, you’ll enjoy Flowers From Afghanistan.
Suzy’s book reminded me of the risks our soldiers and the workers who are over in the Middle East face each day.”
Patricia Bradley, award-winning Suspense author and speaker.
“Flowers From Afghanistan” is an excellent read. It underscores the magic and the tragic in today’s Afghanistan for both Afghans and foreigners alike. “Flowers” also may be the world’s first English-language novel to use Afghan proverbs the way Afghans actually use them. This adds a layer of realism at key points that makes the story personal and unique. As an Afghan might say, “Gul pusht wa rui na-daarad,” or “A flower has no front or back.” In other words, it is beautiful from all sides. To a reader, Suzy Parish’s compelling book is that flower.”
Edward Zellem, Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Award-winning author of books on Afghan proverbs

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