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Writing Nights

I’m grateful to be able to work from home. The life of an author is pretty awesome, I have to admit! I have two works in progress. Someone said writing a novel is like inviting readers to enter your dreams. I can’t wait to… Continue Reading “Writing Nights”

It’s good to give thanks

Due to length constraints, this letter of thanks never made the last edition of my novel, Flowers from Afghanistan. I much regretted it. “Always just when I needed them” is the theme of this book. That theme continues as promotional opportunities open up, and… Continue Reading “It’s good to give thanks”

“No Winners And Losers, Just People Who Need God.”

“Flowers From Afghanistan” is a good read any time, but especially now, as our country ends its 20-year involvement with that country. There are no “winners and losers” in Parish’s book, just people who need God. The novel is a national Readers Choice Award… Continue Reading ““No Winners And Losers, Just People Who Need God.””

Thank you, readers!

A huge thank you to my readers! Your purchase payments for Flowers from Afghanistan and your gifts have been sent to Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse is sending relief to help Afghanistan evacuees. I can’t tell you how humbled and grateful I am by your… Continue Reading “Thank you, readers!”

cup of joe for a vet!

“If you’ve been following me, you know I have a long-standing partnership with Green Beans. Is it because I love their coffee? Well, yes, but more than that, I love their mission. They don’t allow our service members to feel forgotten.”

3 Chicks and their mugs

Are you ready to sip your way through a good book? We are 3 chicks with our favorite mugs. No, not our smiling faces. We’re talking coffee mugs. Join us for a fun and fast-paced virtual coffee hour—or two. Why should you come?• Meet… Continue Reading “3 Chicks and their mugs”

Celebrate Lit Blog Tours Continue!

“The story reflects not only marriage but the undeniable need to trust God. Mac faces danger several times but each time God was there to cover him and keep him safe. Sometimes we have to go through trials for God to get our attention.… Continue Reading “Celebrate Lit Blog Tours Continue!”

Celebrate Lit highlights Flowers from Afghanistan

Flowers from Afghanistan is featured on a blog tour by Celebrate Lit! The first stop on our tour is Patti Pierce from Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy. Patti writes:“I am the wife of a soldier. We have other family members and friends who have… Continue Reading “Celebrate Lit highlights Flowers from Afghanistan”

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