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Writing Nights

I’m grateful to be able to work from home. The life of an author is pretty awesome, I have to admit! I have two works in progress. Someone said writing a novel is like inviting readers to enter your dreams. I can’t wait to… Continue Reading “Writing Nights”

Candy Canes, Paws, and Socks

We picked Brandy out from a litter of squirming black Lab pups, battling over a dented metal pan of dog food. Right away she was different from the others. Instead of fighting over kibble, she wandered to the enclosure to see my husband, and… Continue Reading “Candy Canes, Paws, and Socks”

Batman, Cat Woman, and the Goddess

     When I was six, I had an older sister who I just knew was a goddess.Seven years older than me, she was thin and pretty like the girls on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.She had shoulder length brown hair that swung side… Continue Reading “Batman, Cat Woman, and the Goddess”

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