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My fabulous LEOW friend wrote this book I chose for my vacation reading and I CANNOT put it down, you guys! <3
And if I’m being honest, there is not much that gets me to sit still as long as this book has on this trip. Message my friend Suzy Parish to get your copy asap friends, support a local author and enjoy every bit. #leow #flowersfromafghanistan
~Law Enforcement Officer’s Wife, Jenna Destefano
“Flowers From Afghanistan – Suzy Parish’s debut novel – appears at first glance to be a story about how a husband and a wife each cope with the tragic loss of their young son. And it is. But it’s way more than that, too. It’s also an authentic and emotional look behind the scenes of day-to-day life in a war zone, based on camp life in the real Camp Nathan Smith, Afghanistan, and a heartwarming picture of friendship that crosses cultural borders, Yet, at its heart, it’s really a story of healing and hope, of redemption and restoration, of grace and mercy.
The author’s descriptions of the military camp in Afghanistan were so vivid that I felt as though I were there, watching it all unfold in real-time. Poetic language paints the scene with sights, sounds, and smells, like the example below, without overdoing it.
We were treated to a spectacular sunset. The sky was bright orange, the color of ice cream on a stick I bought as a kid. The rumbling of vehicles and helicopters played out like a soundtrack.
I also LOVED the Afghan barber Gul and his adorable little boy Bashir – they captured my heart from the first meeting. Through their characters, we are also treated to some moving Afghan proverbs that will linger with me for a long time.
“Yaar zenda sohbat baqee.
It means as long as the friendship lives, there will be more conversations.”

~Carrie Schmidt, Reading Is My Superpower

Flowers from Afghanistan awards:

Bronze Medal Award

Awarded Best First Book by the National Readers Choice Awards

FlowersfromAfghanistanNRCA Winner.png


Hope Blooms In Unexpected Places

Weighed down by guilt following the death of his two-year-old son, Mac McCann accepts a year-long position training police officers in Afghanistan. Leaving his wife Sophie to grieve alone, he hopes the life-or-death distractions of his self-imposed exile will build a wall between him and his pain.

As camaraderie builds between Mac and the men on base—including a local barber and his precocious little boy—Mac’s heart becomes invested in stories beyond his own tragedy and he learns he is not the only one running from loss. But when the hour of attack arrives, will he be able to see past his guilt to believe there’s still something—and someone—worth living for?

With touching details based on true events, Flowers from Afghanistan is a redemptive journey of healing, a chronicle of hope in crisis, and a testament to the faithfulness of God through it all.

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