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Our Failures Don’t Threaten Him, He’s God

She bounces unsteadily across the room, sheer delight painted across her plump cheeks, her tender arms outstretched towards yours. She’s never taken a step on her own before and you hold your breath, as if by that one action you can keep her upright.… Continue Reading “Our Failures Don’t Threaten Him, He’s God”


A father walked with his young son on the beach. An approaching storm churned the ocean mossy green. The two plowed into the waves, laughing and jumping over them until at last they stood shoulder deep in the briny water. When the next wave… Continue Reading “Stand”

Summer’s Perfection

     “The perfect tomato!” I held it in my hand and felt it’s plump, juicy roundness. It was still warm after being plucked from my neighbor’s garden. We have a barter system. They give me their excess tomatoes and I bake homemade bread for… Continue Reading “Summer’s Perfection”

Old dogs

My dog Brandy is neurotic. She is, really. She’s a full-blooded black lab, beautiful with a graceful angular face and liquid brown eyes, but she is an emotional  pot-pourri. She’s afraid of: fly swatters, dish towels, plastic bags, umbrellas, and loud sounds. If the… Continue Reading “Old dogs”

The Last Runner

I’m stopped at a red light. A high school track team jogs past my car, the group is bunched together, each runner jockeying for position. Legs flail and elbows push to get that extra bit of advantage. As the trample of feet pass me,… Continue Reading “The Last Runner”

American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference

“The Premier Christian Fiction Conference” STANDING FIRM…MOVING FORWARD “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord,
forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”
1 Corinthians 15:58 (KJV) DENVER, COLORADO
SEPTEMBER 17 –… Continue Reading “American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference”

Another Epic Battle

The battle in the supermarket began…Round one, Grapefruit vs. Chocolate chip cookies. Grapefruit won. Round two, Kashi cereal vs. Poptarts…Kashi won. Round three, Orange Juice vs. Coke, Orange Juice won!By round four I was feeling cocky, “yeah, bring it on!” I breezed through the… Continue Reading “Another Epic Battle”

Be careful what you wish for…

I’m on the final count-down finishing a manuscript.The other day I jokingly e-mail my brother, who is working on his manuscript, that I should lock myself in my office and have my husband pass food through the crack until my novel is done.You know… Continue Reading “Be careful what you wish for…”

Starchy, Steamy, or Tumble

Superior Performance! Auto Clean System! Turns off automatically–on its heel rest, on its side, or on its soleplate–and beeps to let you know it’s activated! Sounds vaguely like a space-age sports car? Wrong, it’s my newest purchase, a state of the art—iron. It seems… Continue Reading “Starchy, Steamy, or Tumble”

The Best News…Ever

“This is the best sticker…” The speaker paused and took a breath for emphasis, “EVER!”I was working at my desk in the pediatrician’s office and I had to stand up to look over the counter to see the source of the tiny voice.She looked… Continue Reading “The Best News…Ever”

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