It’s good to give thanks

Due to length constraints, this letter of thanks never made the last edition of my novel, Flowers from Afghanistan. I much regretted it. “Always just when I needed them” is the theme of this book. That theme continues as promotional opportunities open up, and I meet marvelous people. My dear sister Pat has since passed on and is in Christ’s presence. I’m so grateful she held my book in her hands before going home to be with the Lord. She was one of my most prominent prayer warriors. I love her and miss her very much.

I am grateful for the people God placed in my life who contributed to this novel. They showed up at various times to help, and always just when I needed them. Stacy Defourneaux, thank you for the hours you spent capturing just the right shot for the cover. It’s beautiful, and I love it. Joey Defourneaux, thank you for your research for my “guy bonding” scenes. Sallie Conover, Lynn Defourneaux, Pat Sims, Christine Gustafson, Teresa, Gena, Susan Field, Derry Kearns, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I love you, ladies! Reba J. Hoffman, thank you for always having the right words and prayers to encourage me when I needed them. To my brother, Link Parish, and his sweet wife Karen, and my sister, Pat Spence, thank you for always believing in me and praying. Linda D., thank you for agreeing to be a beta reader, and for your encouragement. Mrs. Wilson, thank you for the cultural information on Afghanistan and prayers. You are one of my heroes. Pastors Rusty and Leisa Nelson, thank you for your encouragement and prayers. Editors Nicola Martinez, Jamie West, and Serena Chase thank you for your professionalism and most of all, your love for Christ. To my husband, Chet, this book would not exist without the year you spent in Afghanistan. Thank you for always believing in me and continually encouraging me. You kept me writing when the going got tough. I love you.

Chet in Afghanistan, 2011

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  1. Lovely! I always enjoy reading about the people who helped the author shape the book I’m reading.

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