Review of Flowers from Afghanistan by M. Hake

“This didn’t seem the type of story I would be so drawn in to, but the characters made me care deeply and the happenings seemed so real I could hardly believe it was fiction (although based on actual events). Kudos to the author for her fine work at conveying the truth of living through such circumstances. I have friends who have lived and worked in Afghanistan, so that gave me a slight background to what it’s like there. Experiencing the realities with Sophie and Mac McCann through their trials and triumphs brought their worlds to life. Both must grow for their relationship to survive and flourish. The pain of the Americans serving in the country and of the native people comes through well, as does the hope. This compelling tale will touch the hearts of readers. Those dealing with grief may find encouragement from this novel, whose characters must find ways to overcome their own. I received a copy from Celebrate Lit. All opinions are my own.”

Thank you, M. Hake, for the review! This is one of my favorite reviews of Flowers. My favorite reviewers are people who didn’t think the book was for them, but they take a chance and read it anyway and end up liking it! Thank you for your kind words!

Bronze Medal Award

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