What’s It Like To Be Traveling Robert? (A Year Of Travels)


I caught up with Traveling Robert at the Micro Minnies on the Mountain rally on Monte Sano. This was the first big rally for Winnebago Micro Minnie owners in Huntsville, Alabama. The weather started off chilly, but by Sunday the skies were a vibrant blue with very low humidity. It was a perfect day to catch up with Robert Morales and ask him how life on the road had treated him this past year. I was thrilled that his wife Ileana was along for this trip and I was able to chat with her. Ileana is the wind beneath Robert’s wings.

Q. Ileana, we honored our military veterans this weekend for Veterans Day. Many military spouses experience times when their husband or wife serves overseas or away from home for extended periods of time. You have been away from Robert for periods of time this year. What special things did you do to stay in touch?

A. “I watch all his videos. Also, we call each other to say good morning and good night. That never fails, we do it every day.”

Q. Ileana, do you hope to join Robert full time on the road at some point? What is your favorite thing about traveling?

A. “Yes, I can’t wait to join him! Once we got the RV I don’t see myself going back to a hotel. In an RV you have your own bathroom, your bedroom, just so many things. I love seeing new places, meeting new people and trying different food.”

The link below will take you to a video interview with Traveling Robert. The video runs 10 minutes:


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