Standing Together: The Inspirational Story of a Wounded Warrior and Enduring Love

A true story of hope and courage in the face of astonishing challenges
 During his fourth deployment, US Marine Corps Sergeant Carlos Evans stepped on an IED–and the loss of both legs and his left hand was just the beginning of the struggle for his life.
 For the next two years, he and his wife, Rosemarie, went through the rehabilitation process together. As a nurse and mother of two young children, Rosemarie was used to caring for people, but the task of taking care of her triple-amputee husband brought new challenges every day. In addition to his limb loss, Carlos faced PTSD and developed an addiction to painkillers. He was sure Rosemarie’s life would be better without him–and that it might have been better if he hadn’t survived at all.
 But unlike the majority of marriages put under similar strain, Carlos and Rosemarie stayed together. With the help of family, friends, and–most importantly—a strong faith, they’ve built a solid marriage and discovered a ministry they never expected. By the hand of God, their story, which began in devastation, has turned into one that draws in and lifts up more people than either of them would ever have dreamed.
 Not only will disabled veterans and their loved ones find help here, Carlos and Rosemarie’s captivating journey also speaks to those who long for stronger marriages, care for loved ones with disabilities, or are facing a new normal in their own lives, small or large. It is a powerful resource for leaning on God in the midst of life’s great difficulties–and for finding ways that, through faith, profound loss can bring incredible blessing.
My Review:
No matter how much you study a situation, or how close you are to a couple actually going through this, it is impossible to imagine the amount of grit, faith, and determination it has taken for Carlos and his wife to triumph.
Carlos has willingly given us a window into his winding journey back to health. His honesty and that of his sweet wife, Rosemarie, is an example of a different kind of heroism. The hero, in this case, has taken off the cape and allowed us to see his Clark Kent side.
Carlos and Rosemarie Evans bring refreshing transparency in the telling of their struggles after Carlos is wounded in battle. I especially liked the give-and-take format where each took a turn describing events. It reinforced the fact that men and women do indeed experience the same event in drastically different ways.
The challenges they faced seem insurmountable. Carlos and Rosemarie related memories of the dark times but balanced them with the unfailing hope of Jesus Christ. 
This book reminded me of the way David crafted the Psalms. He was honest about his struggles but always ended a Psalm with his trust in the Lord. 
The stories of Carlos participating in races using his handcycle are breathtaking and encouraging, while the community coming together offers hope that there are still kind and giving people in this world. I highly recommend this book.
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