Grateful For Connections

beautiful from all sides

Many times I have read people post complaints about the shallowness of social media. However, I have been thinking about the wonderful, real friendships I have been graced to build online. Among my online contacts are; nurses, wives of police officers, truckers, musicians, painters, writers, goat farmers, people in the movie business, singers, missionaries, YouTube contributors, scuba instructors, bakers. Well, you get the picture.

All of these people have given depth to my life that would have taken years to happen without the internet, if at all.

As a writer, I have an insatiable curiosity. I want to know, what’s it like to be…? That’s where the title for my blog interviews originated. Every person I have interviewed has been so gracious to answer my ten questions. I find people, in general, to be very kind and most were honored that I took the time to ask about them.

So here’s my thank-you to all my past blog stars. Thank you for taking the time to be transparent. Thank you for giving others a small window into your life.

Who knows how many people you have inspired to get out there and take a chance on living the life of their dreams?

Speaking of dreams come true, Flowers from Afghanistan is my debut novel. Seeing this work birthed has been a rollercoaster of emotions and definitely worth the price of the ticket!

Flowers from Afghanistan is an Amazon March promotion right now, which is super exciting!

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