Who Grew The Flowers Featured On The Cover Of Flowers From Afghanistan?


Last August I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Frances Brosemer of Brosemer Farm. Mary’s table is one of the first stops in our local farmer’s market for me each Saturday and now I can tell you why. Her flowers are the vibrant ones in the boot on my book cover! I wanted something bright, and the purple, pink and orange flowers express for me the love the Afghan people have for beauty. They contrast well with the dusty, tan, weary look of the boots. Mary’s flowers symbolize hope, as the subtitle says, “Hope Blooms In Unexpected Places.” If you look closely at the flowers on the book cover, they are not uniform. They are not perfect. They are grown in a field and as such are exposed to the elements of wind and heavy rain that greenhouse flowers do not have to endure. What an excellent illustration of life in Afghanistan. Hope blooms. Not perfect, but vibrant and hardy.


In celebration of the August 10th release of Flowers from Afghanistan, I’m posting a throw-back blog post from August 2012.

What’s it like to be Mary Frances Brosemer of Brosemer Farm?

Q. How did you get into the farming business?

A. I was raised on a farm and lived in seven states all over the country. I decided to raise flowers. I’ve always had a flower and vegetable garden. I couldn’t imagine working in a cubicle. We also have bee hives.

Q. How many hives do you have?
A. Twenty-one.

Q. Is it difficult to raise bees?
A. Half the bees in the country have died off. I think it’s due to pesticides.

Q. What aspect of your job brings you the most joy?
A. I like to see customers enjoy the flowers and appreciate their beauty. It makes the hard work worthwhile.

Q. What aspect of your job brings you the most frustration?
A. The weather. Also, when you have people who are supposed to show up for work, and they don’t.

Q. If you had a superpower what would it be?
A. To be perpetually young.

Q. What is your favorite motto or quote?
A. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Q. What is your favorite book or movie?
A. I like Homer Hickam’s, The Keeper’s Son. Homer sent letters to two of my grandsons in Atlanta when they became Eagle Scouts, so I appreciated that.

Suzy Parish: Bailey Cove Market is bustling. People come to sample and purchase locally grown produce and home-baked goods.
Mary Frances Brosemer distributes more than flowers and honey. Her superpower, perpetually young, is evident in the way she greets customers at her flower booth. Mary Frances hands out compassion with each bouquet. She focuses on every person as if they were the only individual at the market. Her warm personality matches the bright shades of flowers that nod in the breeze at her sale table. If you are not able to attend the farmers market, you can make your purchases directly from Brosemer Farm at their open house. Brosemer Farm holds an open house the first Sunday in October.


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