What’s It Like To Be Sammy Horner Of The Sweet Sorrows?

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a composer, conductor, or performer of music;  especially: instrumentalist


plural: missionaries

A person undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission 

Welcome Sammy, and thank you for taking time to appear on this blog!

Let’s start with the obvious. I love the term “musician-aries.” How did you come up with that title?

Kylie and I call ourselves musician-aries because The Sweet Sorrows tour to make a living and to raise funds for projects. I’ve been coming to Thailand for 12 years. I’m going to be 60 this year and I’m a qualified electrician. I’m also qualified to teach in a foreign language. We call the projects “Trade-off.”
So, roles you fill are minister, musician, electrician and instructor. You are very busy!
I have a lot of strings in my bow.
I understand Kylie works with the local population while you are teaching the electrician class?
Yes, we work with different people. Kylie is a nurse so she does the medical part of
Sammy electrician class
I loved the photographs of you teaching. I noticed the participants received tools and a certificate. That’s part of the giving, isn’t it?
Ever since I finished my apprenticeship I don’t charge. It was always part of my pastoral work if someone needed something fixed. I’ve put a lot of ceiling fans up in my time.
One of the joys of having this blog is that I am able to spotlight people who are truly helping others. I want to thank you for making yourself available to the local population when you tour.
The wife and I have a lot of life skills we pass on.
If someone supports your music, they are in turn supporting these works. What is the best place to purchase your albums?
In addition to Australia, The Sweet Sorrows will be touring the United States.
Here is a link with the tour dates:
Now, I have a few questions I always ask my guests:
 How did you get into the music business?
Music business? ha! If you could call it that. My dad played lap steel a bit and sang a lot (mostly at home) so music was always around me. I bought a bass when I was about 15 in a bomb sale (yeah…the music shop had been blown up in Belfast) I joined a country band and that was it…loved it and just kept doing it…I never expected it to be a real job…but here we are. I also always had a great love for poetry and story.
What aspect of your job brings you the most joy?
I love performing and the creative process. I am still unsure where a song actually comes from. I guess the letters and emails I get about how my songs have been used at key moments in people’s lives.
What aspect of your job, if any, is most frustrating?
Traveling is the worst part of the job. Long flights and jet lag and different beds overnight…gets harder as I get older.
What is your favorite motto or quote?
Well, the one I use most is just a funny one my dad would say after we ate a meal…he’d say, ‘Will that do ye ’till ye get something to eat?” lol.
Who is your favorite character in a movie or book?
I love the Scrooge character in A Christmas Carol…truly chilling and inhuman then transformed…beautiful.
What’s one thing you’ve had to overcome in your life?
Self doubt continues to plague me…not sure I have overcome it yet.
If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Superpower…I am Irish…that is a superpower.
If you had five minutes to grab five possessions, what would you grab?
Probably a guitar my mother bought me…and my mom and dad’s wedding rings…the rest is just stuff and photos etc. are stored online!
What is the one question you wish someone would ask you?
One question? Hmm…I suppose people look at my life and think I live the dream. But perhaps the question of how life really is for most artists, might give more insight to others.
Thanks Sammy, it’s been a joy interviewing you.

Trade-off is Sammy and Kylie’s way of plugging in with others in need, practically, supportively…Using their various career skills to aid, educate and further others who desperately require a hand-up rather than just a hand-out! Sammy is a trained electrician, teacher and ordained minister and Kylie has nearly 3 decades experience as a registered nurse with diverse tribal people groups in different settings. Projects are being pursued in Thailand, though there are also opportunities in Europe and India. They are also cultivating an environment to teach song writing, music production – arrangement/recording and performance.

Where to find Sammy:

The Sweet Sorrows

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The Sweet Sorrows on Twitter

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