What’s It Like To Be Chip And Maggie Snyder Of Stuffedwich?

In Chip Snyder’s former work life, he upheld the law of the land. Now he joins hands with his sweet wife to feed some of the powerful lawmakers and politicians he formerly worked alongside. As Chip would tell you, with a twinkle in his eye, “Politics are left outside that door.” He points to the entrance of his newest baby, Stuffedwich Sandwich Shop.

Maggie Snyder left behind a career working alongside surgeons as an operating room nurse. Maggie would say, “This (business) is a different challenge.”

This husband and wife are up to the challenge. They are assisted by the vivacious sister-team of Allie and Sarah Stout. This team is “More like family” than employees, says Maggie. Allie and Sarah are the little engines that power Stuffedwich. The greetings start the minute you walk in the door. You feel like Allie and Sarah actually care about making your meal a pleasant one.

This customer was drawn through the door by a simple sign advertising nacho chips.  I just wanted a snack to hold me over until dinner. When Allie told me they had gluten-free sourdough bread, I had to have a sandwich or Stuffedwich.

She suggested the Hot Chicken Club, with provolone, bacon, avocado, mayo, and honey mustard. The sandwich was hot and made to order. “We do things your way, fresh source, prepared to order, and we pride ourselves on making a good product.” Says Maggie. Maggie’s other super power is cartooning, particularly with a quirky little family she created called The Ants. The Ant Chronicles march along the top wall of the serving area.

Judging from the happiness on the faces of their customers, maybe it really is possible to re-invent yourself.

Photo 1: Allie Stout, Maggie Snyder, Sarah Stout, Chip Snyder

Photo 2: Maggie Snyder with one of her Ant Chronicle cartoons

For Readers: Do what makes you happy, and you will spread joy to those around you.

For writers: Consider a family-owned sandwich shop in your novel.


4 Comments on “What’s It Like To Be Chip And Maggie Snyder Of Stuffedwich?

  1. You always feel welcome like family. The sandwich size is what you find in a Manhatten Deli… “HUGE! What is also a BIG plus in my book is how clean there resturant is. As a resident of Wilmington, NC I tell my friends and vistors to our area if you are looking for a great sandwich STUFFEDWICH is the place for you.

    Joe Pep
    Wilmington, NC

  2. Recreating should be a non-stop part of life. Being a right-brained artist-type, God has guided me into at least three make-overs in all these years, uh…upon counting, four…legal stenographer, touring artist, wall-paper sub-contractor, and now writer and blogger. Change is good for the soul…especially when we let God lead the transformation.

    I would love to visit this sandwich shop…sounds yummy! And they look like happy people…which translates to great food! <3

    • Change is good for the soul! Thanks for your comments, you lead an adventurous life!

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