To Serve and to Protect

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I am posting this today to stand with my fellow police wives. Most of us give up Christmas mornings so our husbands can be on their patrols. Did you know that? It’s OK, most people go about their holidays and don’t think about it. But we do. We get our children in their pajamas Christmas Eve and say a prayer that some kind guy on our husband’s shift will bow out of his day off and let our children’s daddy come home so he can see them open their presents. Most Christmases my husband stood by in full uniform, radio squawking, gun belt creaking, watching our little girls tear into packages and have the thirty minutes of his break that we could with him. Then he was off, to take care of someone’s domestic problems, or work a wreck, or a business break-in, or I always prayed not, a shooting.We don’t want your sympathy. We like it that we are married to super-heroes. That’s what drew us to them in the first place. What we do want is for you to let us live our lives. Stop the ambushes and executions. Our husbands give the same protection to someone who could turn around thirty minutes later and shoot them. That’s just the way they are. So please stop with all the “bad cop” talk. Movie portrayals of crooked cops make great drama, but have little truth.Who wants to go see a movie about a great guy who is there when your dad draws his last breath? Where is the drama in a cop who administers CPR to an already cold little body, just so the parents can be assured that every means was tried?(My husband did that, by the way.) If you want to really see what police do every day, sign up for a ride-along. Most cities have them. For the price of a signature waiver you get a front row seat to what reality is like. Then say a prayer for the police officer you are riding with. His name could be in the paper one day as another casualty of the job, and he knows it, and he goes out every day and does his job anyway. Why? Because he believes in the promise that is on the side of his patrol car.

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  1. Suzy, I believe the majority of Americas feel an overwhelming gratitude for all our police officers and their families. I know I do. My son and son-in-law both serve in the military so we understand some of what y’all go through.

    We appreciate beyond words the sacrifice the officers as well as their wives and children give to ungrateful people. Without all of you there would be anarchy.

    Unfortunately, that old rotten apple rule still reigns…only now we have bushels of rotten apples that begins in Washington and spills over onto those who are children of the father of lies. (Even those names tagged with the word reverend…false priests and false prophets).

    Repentance and prayer is the only thing that will heal our land and stop this assault. But we were told “in the last days…the man of lawlessness would appear…” and it would seem the stage is being set for these final days of destruction before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t know when but it surely won’t be as long as it’s been.

    Prayers for peace and safety for our police men and women and their families…now and forever. Please thank your husband for his service.

    Merry Christmas…DiAne Gates and

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